Youth hostel Lövö 

Lövö is in a south west direction from Store Mosse Nationalpark with the coordinates of long 57,262209 lat 13,878779 you can drive by car to the house. It is the same for cyclists and bikers.

Here some instructions to get there:

On the mainroad 152 between Hillerstorp and Kulltorp follow to High Chaparral and when you passed the western area you will see a signpost which says turn left where you find Store Mosse Nationalpark Lövö. If you arrive from mainroad 27 between Värnamo and Bredaryd you can use the exit at Kärda and Forsheda.

Kärda you drive in the direction of Herrestad and follow the road until signpost to turn to the right after Herrestad where you find Store Mosse Nationalpark Lövö. Forsheda you drive in the direction Fänestad and turn to the left to High Chaparral and also right again in direction Store Mosse Nationalpark Lövö. The last part to Lövö is on a gravel road (4,5 km to the entrance of Lövö).

All wooden gates have to be closed because of grasing animals around.

If you walk to Lövö follow the path Lövö from Naturum via Kittlakull. Here you walk over the moor and high forest covered sand dunes nearby.

Rocknar as we call them these go through the whole Nationalpark. Nearby at the Naturum is a bus station Store Mosse Nationalpark which is on the Bus route 242 Värnamo-Gislaved and takes approximately 14 minutes.

Lövö is open all year round. In the houses are 4 rooms with 16 beds and a communal kitchen and a lounge.

You can also book 2 bed rooms on the groundfloor and 2 rooms upstairs with each 3 bunk beds. The stairs are a little steep but have a bannister. The house has whether eletricity nor water, you warm your room by heating the woodburner and also the food is cooked on the wood stove or outside on the grill. Wood and water you collect on the farm. Torchlights are essential and also houseshoes. Bedlinen or sleepingbags you have to provide yourselves.

The silence and peace combined with nature and a rich assortment of animals just round the corner is amazing.

Cows grase nearby.

Any question regarding loging or booking a room please call mobile 07222277822 or send an E-mail

to info@vandramedandre.se

Växudden 2 single beds with heater in the room

Hagudden 3 bunk beds with heater in the room, upstairs

Grill place

Under ground cellar

Ulvö 2 single beds in connection to Växudden, no heater in the room

Blådöpet 3 bunk beds with heater, upstairs


Water pump, well on the farm