Youth hostel Svänö

Svänö is like a small island in the National Park Store Mosse.You can get there by car. The same for bikers and cyclists. Here a short instruction on the GPS Coordinates you dial Long 57.316494 Lat.13.971670. From the main road 152 between Skillingaryd and Hillerstorp near Uppebo you turn in the direction of Stråkeved.

When you passed by Stråkeved you turn 3 times to the right and follow the signs to södra Svänö Store Mosse National Park. The last kilometers is a gravel road. I f you arrive to the parking site of Södra Svänö it will be 100 meters only on the gravel road to the house.

All wooden gates must be closed due to grasing animals. If you go by foot to Svänö please follow the marked path marked Kävsjön runt. Near the Naturum is a Bus Station Store Mosse National Park on route between Värnamo and Gislaved Bus route 242.

The ride takes about 14 minutes. If you follow the watch dials you follow the old Church Path which takes you through Södra Svänö and Norregård.

Norregård is where the youth hostel is located and was built in 1907, but has been lived in by humans since the 16th century. But time did not stand still, here is whether electricity nor water. You have to keep warm by heating the woodburner and you can eat at the grillplace. Water you have to pump in the well outside the housearea. The youth hostel has 24 beds. You can rent a room from the Lady of Svänö near the kitchen where you find a family bunk bed. The Room has no heating. The Saga is that the Lady of Svänö is also called the Gray Lady of Svänö because of old history.

There was a silver treasure burried whilst the Danish Army plundered the place. However the man who burried the treasure died and told nobody where it was burried.

The Lighting is either by candle light or oil lamp. The Toilet is on the farm. Houseshoes are also recommended. Bedlinen and sleeping bags you have to bring yourselves.

The general feel of the place is of peace, silence and nature. There is a rich selection of animals just around the corner. Farming took place until 1940 but cows are still kept in the fields and surroundings.

Near the kitchen you find the room Hanö with a heater and 3 bunk beds. Up the stairs you will find another 2 rooms with 8 beds mixed with bunk beds.

Both rooms have heating. If you have any questions or over booking a room please call on your handy 0722277822 or send an E-mail to



The Lady of Svänö, 2 beds, no heater

Hanö – 3 bunk beds close to the kitchen with heater in the room 

Svartegöl – 8 beds up the stairs with heater in the room, 2 bunk beds

and 4 single beds

Kävsjön – 8 beds up the stairs with heater in the room, 2 bunk beds and 4 single beds